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I have been utterly captivated and so deeply moved by the tender connection and love that has found it's way onto my canvases and into my sculptures the past few years.  It is the theme I can't seem to move pass, I am not sure I can and I want to share this part of me with you.

 From the tenderhearted MotherDaughterLove and SisterLove themed pieces to the emotional portraits or gentle SoulBearers... it is the emotion that has {HELD} me captive and that I'm wanting to share.

Love is the whole thing,
We are only pieces
— Rumi
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 ~ Class SelfPaced and Downloadable Instructional Videos/Lessons ~

I hope you will join me and journey with me as we create and find our tender pieces together, through the imagery and stories buried within us and help them find their way onto our canvases, into our journals and into our clay.  Class is due to open on the 10th December 2017 at 7am est.

Much love,  Jeanne-Marie


OBJECTIVE of {Held}Captive

 I want to focus a lot on painting and sharing my creative process intuitively as well as how I work with references.  How I learnt to understand the face, things I've tried and failed with and how my passion for the emotion emerged over the understanding.  After painting 1FaceADay for 2 years running, I realised it wasn't the face I was trying to capture, it was the soul I was after and the story behind each new person that showed up on my canvas.

I would like to share how I'm inspired and how I do research which will lead me back to my canvas.

I want to focus on finding the love, emotion and tenderness in each piece.


  • Understanding different substrates and problem solving with canvas

  • Testing papers based substrates

  • DIY Substrates - paperclay canvases and plaster boards

  • Understanding and choosing brushes

  • Supplies we will use in this class and talking about Acrylics

Projects - we will do a some drawing projects to get us comfortable with the face


I want to spend a lot of time painting with you.



Section 1 - Portraiture

  • Finding emotional tenderness in a single portraits

  • Emotional portraits - working from small to BIG.

  • Emotional self portraiture - drawing and painting

  • Emotional portraits intuitively and referenced

Projects - 5 portrait projects in this section

Section 2 - Tenderness Togetherness


I am totally in love with the tender bond between women... whether it is be between MothersDaughterLove, SisterLove or FriendshipLove - the connection intrigues me.

I want to spend a bit of time looking and studying emotive togetherness.  Studying various artists work who have captured tender emotion in togetherness.

  • A MotherDaughterLove Series - looking at painting this connection. Learning from the Madonna, the ultimate MotherLove story to our own MotherLove stories. This is something very dear to my heart and I can't stop painting it.

MotherLove Paintings

  • A SisterLove Series - I do believe there is a longing in all of us to have beautiful connection with our sisters, whether we have a blood related sister or not. I think there is a longing in all of us for it. I am always looking at ways to capture this story.

SisterLove Paintings

  • A FriendshipLove Series - As I'm getting older, this is something I am loving and appreciating so much in my own life. The power of soul sister connections. It's a beautiful thing and I want to paint it.

Projects - 1 FriendshipLove painting plus a bonus ending with a large FriendshipLove piece bringing it altogether.

Section 3 - PaperClay

  • Introduction and understanding your clay

  • Finding emotion in individual figure / gestures

  • Finding the emotion with multiple figures / gestures

  • Painting our clay sculptures in a way that completes their stories.

Projects - 2 to 3 different projects in Clay


Yugen - A profound awareness of the universe that triggers feeling too deep and mysterious for words.

- Noun {Japanese}

Section 4 - Lomography - Instant Photography

Taking a moment... to breath

Taking a moment... to breath

  • Finding tender emotion in your lens.

  • Finding ways to capture daily tenderness.

  • Keepsakes

Playing with our instant cameras / cell phones, with instant printers

Projects - to take our cameras with us wherever we go and capture moments in time - finding beautiful ways to see, feel and love your life, one capture at a time


Tender Moments with my beautiful girl

Tender Moments with my beautiful girl

Slow Coffee while the girls are surfing

Slow Coffee while the girls are surfing

My best quirky coffee shop

My best quirky coffee shop

It's going to a full to the brim class and I'm so excited to share this with you.

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Supply List

I will supply a more comprehensive list closer to the time.

Variety Canvases and/or substrates

Acrylic paints of your choice - I'll post a list soon.

Brown Stabilo / Black stabilo

Inks / Neocolors / Inktense

Journals / Watercolor paper

(Will give more details closer to the time).

Paper Clay of your choice

Basic Clay Tools

Stamps / Stencils

Fuji Instant Camera Mini or Wide / Fuji Instant Printer (details to follow)