This happened...

Nancy and I go back online for so long now, I can't even say when it happened... but she's one of the most beautiful souls and this trip I got to meet her in person.  I knew it would be an emotional encounter and standing next to her in person was a little surreal.  And as synchronicity would have it, with me being in California was the same time as her exhibition.

And Chrissie, Kitty and I got to go. 

Nancy is from Laguna Beach and is a wild horse photographer and her captures are out of this world.  I can't believe I got to see her beautiful handy work and heart, first hand.

Thank you Nancy for this awesome moment in time.

We got access to the Festival of Arts Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach.  The exhibitors were incredible and we got to meet Kathy Jones.  I had pinned some of her pieces on Pinterest and Nancy told me she could introduce us... it was another wonderful moment for both Chrissie and I.  We had an incredible time.  Chrissie drove the coast road home and Digby couldn't believe we had spent time in Laguna Beach.  I know this trip would have blown his mind. Next time babes, we have lots to make up for.

Adore you beautiful Nancy.  My heart is a little larger having met you.

Big hugs and loves, always. xoxox