Morning Pages and Artist's Dates...

On the 4th January I started doing morning pages again and later started the Artist's Way.  I do it every couple of years and it never seizes to amaze me how brilliant the tools are and the outcome.  The weekly readings are phenomenal and so are the assignments.

It took me a bit to settle into it but we are just through week 4 and I'm already feeling the rewards of the daily practices.


I found this gorgeous Mandala drop and Neil Diamond LP on my last date.  It is a nostalgic walk down my childhood memory lane.  All these small gestures are making me so ridiculously happy.  I had been on the look out for a candle's solution to add to my act of Hygge and I found these beautiful additions on an outing.  There is something intentional about it all.

The mandala drop lead me to rearrange my whole studio and clear out so much.


I had got out of the practice of writing daily, walking and artist's dates last year and feeling the benefits of these powerful acts again has been so deeply rewarding and healing in many ways.