The Humble Little Pencil...

A little in December and a bit more in January I worked with Graphite and I fell a little in love with how beautifully simple this play can be.  I worked with references and then continued to work on finding my own way home.  It was challenging and I was enjoying that.


At the start of January it became a daily practice.  I was working together with Jackie and Betty and we were showing up daily and sharing our work with each other.  Then in January I fell of the back, I went back to the office almost everyday and I was struggling to keep up.


My heart wasn't in anything I was doing.  I kept fighting the fact that I and my body needed rest.  With some help, I eventually surrendered to it and let go of the control and guilt.  After a few weeks of self care, long naps and going gently, I started to feel that familiar bounce in my step after which, I needed a long nap.

I can giggle about it now but my energy has slowly been returning but I'm being careful with it.  I am on tonic specifically for fatigue and Vitamin D, my little sunshine of happiness pills. 

I am hoping to return to this beautiful practice of daily graphite.

It sure does feel good to be feeling more like myself again.  And yes, my mind is dwelling on the beautiful gift of surrender.  There is lots in there for me.