Exploring... experimenting... expanding...

As most of you know, I have been back in learning mode this year and I have to say I'm finding it quite emotional.  I am not going to lie, at times I have even found myself in pain, emotionally and physically.  This has surprised me.  I'm working in Gillian's class and the class is specifically about building a Body of Works that is uniquely our own.  It has been brilliant and rich.  There is a huge amount of introspection work and it’s been bringing up a lot of things for me.  Some of the art fundamentals have been hard for me to grasp and that’s really upset me.  Understanding it’s my lack of knowlegdge and skill due to starting art late in my life that makes this challenging.  My creative process has been limiting but I know I’m learning so much, even though I’m uncomfortable.

  In terms of a body of works, I have a few ideas, but I am not 100% sure the direction I will be going yet and I am very much exploring, experimenting and expanding.


The work I'm currently doing has felt deeply personal and I'm still processing a lot of it.  But something that keeps coming up, are my eyes and playing with them creatively is something I'm finding very interesting and I'm loving the outcome.  The collage, textures and layers are also things I am exploring, loving and I hope to share more about it with you soon.

Have a brilliant weekend.